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Peace of mind

for you and

your loved ones

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Cellular voice calling directly from the cane

The CAN Go™ has a built-in phone for emergency calling. With high quality speakers, an embedded microphone, and reliable 4G technology, your loved ones are always connected and only a press of a button away from help. 

Make calls and talk directly from the cane without having a phone

Know where

they are in

an emergency

Whether they are home or out on the go, the GPS location mapping helps you pinpoint your loved ones’ location and find them quickly and easily during an emergency. By building it into a device many seniors already use, they are more likely to have it on hand when they need it.

Built-in LED flashlight

A bright flashlight illuminates their path ahead. Whether they're walking the dog, on their way to the theater or off to bed at night, we keep them safe.

Modern, ergonomic design

Style meets substance. Sleek design combined with comfortable hand grips, adjustable height and durable construction, make this a cane that everybody love for a lifetime.

Activity tracking and goal setting

You can set activity goals with your loved ones and track their progress remotely. See their progress by minutes, steps or miles.

Health reports at a snapshot

Receive health reports daily, weekly or monthly on metrics such as activity level; and easily share with other family members, caregivers or physicians.

Keep your loved ones

Safe and Connected.

Voice calling

Call for help with the push of a button

Location & GPS

Quick and easy tracking


Easy to read

Activity tracking

Stay on top of activity goals


 Keeps you safe when its dark

Smart grip

Turns on automatically when held