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At CAN, we are proud to announce a milestone in our journey toward advancing human mobility and unlocking care solutions. Through a partnership with AT&T, we are expanding connectivity and access to the CAN Go™ smart, connected walking cane.

CAN Go™, recently recognized by TIME as one of the Best Inventions of 2023, goes beyond conventional mobility aids. Designed with an emphasis on safety and connectivity, CAN Go™ empowers users, caregivers, and family members, offering seamless communication and safety features.

"We expect our collaboration with AT&T will empower users of CAN Go™ with reliable wireless connectivity to help improve their safety and connection to loved ones in the event of an emergency or when in need of human connection," said Ahmad AlGhazi, CEO of CAN.

Our vision at CAN has always been centered on enhancing the lives of individuals facing mobility challenges and making the caring process more efficient. Through our collaboration with AT&T, we aimed to connect families while providing more safety and independence to the CAN Go™ users. The CAN Go™ is not just a smart mobility device; it is an ally by their side that comes with enhanced safety, a built-in phone, and data insights to enable people to stay active, safe, and always connected.

This partnership isn't just about technology; it's about peace of mind. Joe Drygas, VP of Government, Education, and Medical at AT&T, shares our passion for connectivity and safety: “By connecting CAN Go™ to the AT&T wireless network, we’re helping to improve the lives of those with mobility challenges and providing peace of mind for their caregivers and loved ones.”

Discover the comprehensive details of this collaboration between CAN Mobilities and AT&T in the official press release here. And join us in embracing a future where connectivity and safety empower CAN Go™ users to live their lives to the fullest!